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Domestic IT support in the New Forest

PC and Laptop Repairs, troubleshooting and upgrading

Old PC’s and laptops can be given a new lease of life by upgrading components, what was perfectly acceptable only a couple of years ago can now struggle to cope with the demands of the internet and more recent programs. Memory and component upgrades can extend the life of your existing equipment for a fraction of the cost of replacement. We can also repair most makes of laptop and desktop.

Advice on purchasing new equipment suitable for your requirements

Should replacement be the sensible option then we can give you good advice on a replacement within your budget and requirements, and set the whole thing up for you transferring all your data from your old machine to the new one and installing the necessary software, advising on compatibility with your new PC.

Wired and Wireless networking, design, installation, troubleshooting and upgrading

Wireless access to the internet is becoming a necessity in all parts of the home. Allowing laptops, tablets, smart phones and smart TV’s internet access all around the home can be challenging in both new and old properties. We can offer you a number of solutions to extend your wireless and wired networks beyond your wireless router and keep your communications secure.

Anti-Virus supply and installation

Internet security is becoming more and more important as we all become much more reliant on digital technology for storing our personal data. However there is a criminal minority  who see this as an opportunity for financial gain at the expense of innocent people, causing a great deal of personal anguish and inconvenience.

We can advise and supply the best security programs to give you as much protection as possible. Unfortunately there is no absolute solution, but a combination of good practice and good security will go a long way to keeping you safe.

Virus, Spyware, Malware and Ransomware removal

If you have had the misfortune to have your PC infected we can usually remove the infection or failing that restore your PC to it’s former condition.
This is also a good time to mention backups, which can be invaluable if you are unfortunate enough to have a serious infection.

Backup solutions

A good backup and disaster recovery plan is always worth having, you may never need it but it is invaluable if you do and we can advise you on a solution to suit your equipment and circumstances.

Data retrieval

Should your operating system or hard drive fail and your PC become unusable we can retrieve the data from your old drive.
Complete failure of the drive however can make this very difficult and expensive, but this can be avoided with a good backup strategy

About Us
Eddie Allan: Microsoft Certified Professional

EdIt Solutions was established in Lymington Hampshire in 2007 by Eddie Allan. We offer a prompt and reliable IT support service to homes and businesses in Hampshire and the New Forest, from a single user domestic PC to a multi user business domain. We are Microsoft Certified and experienced in all past and present Windows desktop and server operating systems. We always try to keep things as simple as possible and try not to blind you with science.

Eddie Allan
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